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About Me 

Hi! I'm  Breccá.  I am a teen coach and advocate for teens as well as a mentor for college age students and  parents.  I have been working with teenagers for a little over 20 years.  I have worked with both boys and girls.  I have God gift for understanding young people as well as a broad world view, which helps me to better equip parents and youths. My driving force is having as a teen gone through tough issues and found that I had no one to talk to. I vowed early in life that I would be a person that teens could talk to.  But I also vowed to help parents understand their teens better.

9ineteen USA is a place where teens can come and meet other teens, get advice and learn to live a little wiser. Our purpose is also to equip parents.  Parents can come here and get the ideas and encouragement from other parents as well as being coached on any issue involving their teen that they find difficult to navigate.


9inteteen USA was birthed from 9ineteen in Nigeria. The idea is to provide support to teens through educating parents.  We hope to establish 9ineteen all across the world. Every teen deserves an advocate...and every family deserves a safe place to grow.


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